Back in October 2019, our charity founder and volunteer CEO, Lynn McManus received a surprise visit by Jane McDonald.  The celebrity singer and television presenter dropped into the Tim Lamb Centre, to invite Lynn to be part of the audience for Jane McDonald and Friends.

One of the key features of the show is highlighting unsung community heroes. Lynn was chosen for the dedication she has shown to the charity she founded back in 2010.  Lynn originally started Pathways 4 All after becoming frustrated by the lack of activities available for her two adopted children, who both have additional needs.

Lynn became motivated to develop specialist leisure centre, specifically catering to the needs of disabled children.  She acquired a building in the grounds of the Rising Sun Country Park and sought community support to create an activity centre offering a range of play facilities.  The transformation, from a dilapidated building into a welcoming play provision, was simply amazing.   The Tim Lamb Centre opened in the Autumn of 2012 offering soft play facilities, a sensory room, indoor trampolines and a large outdoor play area.

Lynn has overseen the day to day running of the charity ever since, in addition to organising the charity’s Annual Ball, which has raised £100,000’s over the last 10 years.

When Lynn is not occupied with her charitable work, the busy mum of 10 can be found in her North Shields home caring for the younger members of her family. Since founding the charity, Lynn and husband Terry have adopted 3 further disabled children and they have 7 grandchildren too.


The episode of Jane McDonald and Friends featuring Lynn was screened on Saturday 28th November and is now available on My5 catch up  (12 minutes in).  The current series was filmed in November last year, before the Covid 19 outbreak.  Lyn and her husband are looking forward to going on the cruise they won on the show, once Covid 19 restrictions are lifted.


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