Complete a Challenge

Completing a personal challenge for sponsorship is a popular way to raise money for our charity.  For some of our supporters, this may be a physical challenge like completing a marathon or a mountain trek.  For others, this may be a very personal goal, like losing weight or stop smoking.  Some challenges are great fun when you take part with family and friends, you might be surprised how many others are interested if you invite them to join in.  Whereas, sometimes your challenge activity may be an individual effort with huge moral support.

Whatever your chosen challenge, raising money for our charity will undoubtedly give you an extra burst of motivation.  We really value your contribution and we would love to show you round our facilities at the Tim Lamb Centre.  There you will see first hand, the difference your efforts can make to the lives of local disabled children.  You can choose whether to fund-raise towards a specific piece of equipment, a special activity or event, or simply contribute towards our much-needed general funds.

If you already have a challenge activity in mind, please get in touch with Carol so we can discuss how best to support you.  We can provide you with information flyers about our charity and paper copies of our sponsorship form too.  We also encourage you to set up your own challenge fundraising page via Give As You Live Donate

If you are still undecided about what sort of challenge you fancy, please take a look at our suggestions below for some inspiration and contact Carol for further suggestions and support.

10 challenge ideas to get you started…

  1. Boxing Day/ New Year’s Day dip
  2. Coast to coast cycle
  3. Conga line
  4. Fancy-dress family fun-run
  5. Sky dive
  6. Superhero zip-line
  7. Three Peaks challenge
  8. Triathlon
  9. Walk the wall
  10. Wax on – wax off

Employee Match Funding

There are a number of companies that now offer match funding schemes for their employees and in some cases this is even extended to family members too.  If you (or a close family member) are planning to fundraise in aid of our charity, please check with your employer to see if they offer an employee match funding scheme.  You may find their match funding scheme advertised on the company website or advertised internally, but if not contact your companies HR team and ask.

There are sometimes conditions attached to match funding requests and/or an upper limit of match funding, but if your company participates in a match funding scheme, your fundraising efforts could potentially be doubled.

Other Ways to Support Us