Pathways 2 Play Appeal

The Pathways 2 Play Appeal aims to raise £100,000 towards a range of inclusive and sensory playground equipment for the Tim Lamb Centre garden. The plans include a wheelchair-accessible pathway, to connect both the existing and new equipment.  The pathway will incorporate a section of textured sensory paving with a range of interactive and sensory panels alongside it.  The addition of all-season safety surfacing around the existing swing area, to combat waterlogging, is also a priority.

Fundraising Achievements so far…

 Relocate Fencing & Remove Animal Enclosure

 Two New Specialist Swing Seats  

Cruise Line

Wheelchair Accessible Swing

Inclusive Sensory Tower

Two New Interactive Play Panels  

Still on our wish list…

◊  Wheelchair-accessible roundabout.    ◊  Wheelchair accessible path & sensory pathway.

◊  Safety Surfacing.    ◊  Interactive Sensory Play Panels.    ◊  Privacy Screening

Raised so far
towards £100,000 target

Work in Progress…

Work is now well underway in the Tim Lamb Centre play garden.  Some preliminary work has already been completed.  This includes relocating fencing behind the swing area and the removal of the old animal enclosure.  Two new specialist swing seats have also been installed.

Our large bucket swing has been removed from its original area and is going to be relocated in line with all the other swings.  A new wheelchair-accessible ramp is to be fitted very soon.

New Playground Equipment 

On receipt of a very generous grant from The Sun 50 Fund, we wasted no time and made our first big-ticket purchase.  Our new Crusie Line was shipped in from America and preparation work on the installation has now begun.

We are also very grateful to the Morrisons Foundation for their kind charitable grant.  The award has enabled us to purchase a new wheelchair-accessible swing.  The swing frame and outer enclosure are in place, we now await the installation of the safety surfacing and then the swing will be attached.

Cruise Line

We are delighted to have recently received a £20,000 grant from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust, which is funded entirely by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.  This award has funded a custom build Inclusive Sensory Tower.  Features will include a wheelchair-accessible ramp, interactive play panels and an easy access slide.

Construction of our new tower is now in progress and we anticipate completion very soon.

Next Steps 4 our PATHways 2 Play Appeal…

With three of our large playground items purchased, we wanted to step up our efforts to raise the final £30K towards our £100,000 fundraising target.  Once this money is raised, we’ll be able to install a wheelchair-accessible path and sensory pathway around our garden area.  We will also be able to fit all-season safety surfacing under our existing swing area and if we raise a little extra we can potentially fit the all-season safety surfacing around our other existing equipment too!

We have a very muddy problem to solve!!! 

The wheelchair-accessible pathway and all-season surfacing are essential to our plans.  Our garden area is lovely in the summer months, it is a safe and secure place for disabled children to play.  However, during the autumn and winter months, the field becomes very waterlogged.  Inevitably, the park then becomes inaccessible to our wheelchair users and a rather messy, wet experience for everyone else.

Garden Plan

Click image to enlarge plan.

Still on our wish list…

Increasing the range of interactive and sensory play panels we have in our garden, would be a huge boost for our children with sensory difficulties.   They can provide auditory, visual and tactile experiences; and they are generally lots of fun too!

If you represent a local company interested in sponsoring a panel, please get in touch

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