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Fundraising whilst you shop couldn’t be easier with Give As You Live.

And the best part… it is absolutely FREE!

Give As You Live Online

Raise FREE donations when you shop online.  Sign up for Give As You Live online and search for your favourite online stores via their website or mobile app. With just one click, Give As You Live will transfer you to their website and then just shop online as normal.  The online store pays commission for your sale which is paid to our charity as a free donation.  Simple!

With over 6000 online stores participating in the scheme you can find almost everything you could ever need.  You can even raise a free donation when you order your next takeaway online.

It doesn’t stop there either, you can raise money when you book your next holiday or make other travel arrangements.  You can also compare and switch broadband and phone providers, insurance companies and utility providers.  Plus all the major mobile companies are available, so if you are thinking of switching mobile contracts you can raise a FREE donation that way too.

Raise free funds through Give as you Live Online

Give As You Live Instore

Give As You Live Instore is a great way to raise funds whilst shopping at your favourite supermarket and high street stores.  Using gift cards and e-gift cards, purchased from Give As You Live Instore, you can raise donations when you pay for your shopping instore.  The average donation is 2%, that’s £2 for every £100 spend.  Although that might not sound like much on its own, in just one year a £100 weekly grocery shop could raise £100 for our charity too.

And it’s not just supermarkets, gift cards are available for many of your favourite high street stores, cafes and leisure venues too.  Argos, B&Q, Currys, Pizza Hut and Odeon to name just a few…   Check out the full list of retailers participating in the gift card scheme here:

Gift cards are great as a present and for personal use too.  Many of the gift cards are reloadable, so you only need to buy one for each store, then just keep topping them up; useful for budgeting or putting something aside each month ahead of a big spend.

More Ways to Raise