New Equipment for the Tim Lamb Centre Play Garden 

There have been a number of improvements made to the Tim Lamb Centre play garden whilst we’ve been closed.  These improvements have only been possible thanks to the generosity of grant providers and our supporters alike.

Cruise Line:  Our first successful grant came from the Sun 50 Fund and was used to purchase our new Crusie Line Zip Wire.  Now installed to the rear of the park, we know this novel playground feature will delight many of our children.

Wheelchair-Accessible Swing: With thanks to the Morrisons Foundation, our new wheelchair-accessible swing is a welcome addition for our children and young people who are in a wheelchair.

Inclusive Sensory Tower:  Our inclusive sensory tower is a large wooden structure that will feature sound interactive sensory panels, (once they arrive).  We are very grateful to the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust for funding our bespoke tower structure.

Mulch path:  We have had the first section of our rubber mulch path laid in place.  When this was ordered it was unfortunate, that we did not have enough funds to complete the job.  However, we are delighted to have now secured the rest of the funding and we envisage the rest of the pathway will be laid in the autumn term.

More to Come…  But the good news doesn’t stop there…  We have now ordered our new inclusive roundabout and there are a couple more sensory panels on order too.   Exciting times ahead, we will keep you posted!