The indoor trampolines at the Tim Lamb Centre have been a very popular and much used feature, ever since they were first installed several years ago.  Over time and with plenty of use however, they had gradually become worn beyond repair.  It was therefore time for our charity to spring into action and buy some brand new ones, so children and young people can enjoy bouncing around for many years to come.

The purchase of the new trampolines, costing £7500, was only made possible from the generosity of  the guests who attended our 2019 Pathways 4 All Ball, which raised over £50,000.  Every year we try to direct as much money as possible towards the purchase of new equipment, facilities and family services, so we can continue to improve and expand the opportunities we offer to our families.  When much loved equipment needs replacing, it is reassuring to know we can utilise money raised from the Ball for this purpose and therefore not have to remove it altogether.

The installers only just finished putting up the new trampolines on our last afternoon before our enforced closure, because of the Covid 19 Outbreak.  Therefore the only people lucky enough to have had a turn so far, were two ladies from our Space 4 Us programme; their mother’s who had arrived to collect them; and the remaining members of staff on site.  We just can’t wait to bounce back into action again, so all our lovely members can come along and enjoy them too!