We are absolutely delighted to finally reopen our doors to our lovely member families once again!

We’ve already received plenty of positive feedback on all the changes made since our centre closed for the first lockdown in 2020.  We may have remained closed, but our CEO and volunteers were still kept busy with the arrangements.

So What’s New? 

Trampoline Room:  Although returning families will be seeing on our new indoor trampolines for the first time, they aren’t actually new… indeed, they are actually already 15 months old!  They were purchased at the beginning of 2020 and put up the day before our centre closed for the first lockdown.

Sensory Room:  Like the trampolines, the two new additions to our sensory room were added just before the lockdown.  Therefore very few children actually had the chance to try them out before we closed.  We’ve added a Musical Hopscotch Pad and a Musical Touch Wall and we are sure the children will love them both.

Art Room:  Our new art room was built during the lockdown and provides a designated space for art and craft activities.  The light and airy space leads nicely onto our play garden.

Play Garden:  Following some very generous charitable grants received during the lockdown, families will notice our biggest changes are within the Tim Lamb Centre garden area.  So far, we have added a new wheelchair-accessible swing, a cruise line zip wire and an inclusive sensory tower.  We have also added a new wider access ramp and mulch pathway that leads to the sensory tower.  We are still awaiting some equipment on order and as more funding comes in, we will aim to complete our improvements in the autumn.  See our news article What’s New in the Tim Lamb Centre Garden for further details.

Soft Play:  We have even made a few small changes to our soft play area too.  The large ball pool has been removed and a smaller ball area created.  A new sensory infinity light area has been added and some additional play blocks added to the upper area.