This week we launch the next step of our Pathways 2 Play Appeal.  Our Appeal was originally launched in January 2020, with an ambitious plan to raise £100,000 to update the outdoor play area of the Tim Lamb Centre*.  However, our community fundraising efforts were short-lived due to the Covid outbreak in March last year.

Despite the Tim Lamb Centre being closed, we are delighted to have already been awarded charitable grants totalling over £65,000.  These grants cover the costs of three of the four largest playground items on our original wish list.  So we are now turning our sights to fundraising for all-season surfacing and a wheelchair-accessible path.

Boy on swing with muddy puddle underneath

Charity founder and CEO Lynn McManus explained;

We have a very muddy problem… the park lawn is great in the summer months, but during the autumn and winter the ground is prone to waterlogging, making it inaccessible to our wheelchair users and a very muddy experience for everyone else“.

All-season safety surfacing around the play equipment and a path joining the areas together are essential to the overall plan.  We want the equipment to be accessible all year round.  There are also plans to incorporate a section of sensory pathway featuring textured surfacing, tactile boards, interactive auditory and visual play panels.


With the installation of the large play equipment underway, we feel that now would be a good time to re-launch our community fundraising efforts.  Our appeal total currently stands at just over £71,500, so we would like to push towards the next big milestone of £80,000.

As we can’t fundraise in person at present, we are asking our families, friends and community supporters to place a pound on our virtual pathway ~ #pound4pathways.  Just £1 pound per household, per child or family member (whatever you can afford).  Donations can be made via Text, Virgin Money Giving or our fundraiser over on Facebook.

As donations come in we will plot how far along the virtual path we travel. 42 pound coins = 1 meter travelled.   Let’s see how far we can travel and how much we can raise towards our Pathways 2 Play Appeal.

Share on social media and help us raise more…

Ask your child or children to draw a playground path and stick a pound coin on it, take a photo then share it on social media asking your friends and family to make a donation too.  The more you share the more we can raise and the further along our virtual path we will travel.  Remember to use #pound4pathways

Together we can make a difference, together we can build Pathways 2 Play!

Girl playing in muddy puddle next to boat

Text PATH to 70450 to donate £1
Texts cost £1 plus one standard rate message

or Donate via our Pathways 2 Play Appeal

Boy playing in big puddle

With funding for three out of the four large pieces of playground equipment already received, installation of our new Cruise Line and wheelchair-accessible swing is in progress.  Work on the inclusive sensory tower is due to start next month.  With the centre currently closed now is the perfect time to undertake this work.

“It will be very exciting for the children to return to the centre and see all the new outdoor playground equipment.  The Tim Lamb Centre is an amazing place for disabled children, we have really missed it while it has been closed”.         

Cath Grebby. (Parent of two disabled children).

Like many charities, the pandemic has hit our community fundraising efforts hard.  Unfortunately, we haven’t qualified for any of the government or local business grants either, but we have still had ongoing bills to pay.  We have had to eat into our reserves to ensure survival.  Consequently, there simply is not enough money left for us to finish this project out of our existing budget.

Tim Lamb Centre

The Tim Lamb Centre provides specialist play and leisure provision for over a 1000 local disabled children and their families.  It is also a popular resource for a number of special schools, specialist colleges and disability organisations in the area.  Facilities include a soft play area with cafe, trampoline hall, sensory room, toddler room, ICT suite and the extremely popular outdoor play area.  Although the centre is in Benton, North Tyneside, they have children visiting them from across the North East region, with members living as far away as Berwick in Northumberland and Middlesborough in Teeside.

The Tim Lamb Centre is one of the services provided by our disabled children’s charity, Pathways 4 All.   If you would like to know more about our other services please explore our website further.  If you represent a local company or organisation and would like to become more involved please email

Want to know more?

To find out how much we have raised so far, what else we are fundraising for and how you can get involved, please visit our Pathways 2 Play Appeal page.

If you would like to make a donation towards our appeal please visit our Virgin Money Giving Page.

 Text PATHWAYS2PLAY to 70470 to donate £5

          Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message

         Thank you for your support.