Pathways 2 Play Appeal

The Pathways 2 Play Appeal aims to raise £100,000 towards a range of inclusive and sensory playground equipment for the Tim Lamb Centre garden.   The project will also incorporate over 100m of accessible pathway, which will connect to both the existing and new equipment.  We also plan to improve the playground surface area underneath the existing swings and around the existing pirate ship, this should hopefully overcome the problems associated with water-logging in these areas.

Fundraising Achievements so far…

Tango Swing Seat     
Mirage Swing Seat    

The funding for these two swing seats was achieved, thanks to the generosity of our Facebook supporters.  A total of £1100 was collectively donated to our Christmas Fundraising Appeal 2019.  A big THANK YOU to each and every person who donated.  We look forward to having the seats installed in our park this spring.

Our Playground Wish List

Wheelchair Accessible Swing
Inclusive roundabout
Cruise Line
Inclusive Sensory Tower
Sensory Pathway
Interactive Play Panels
Sensory Planters
Accessible Path / Surfacing
Ground Plan Proposals

If you would like to find our more information about some of the items we wish to purchase, please take a look at the supplier’s own promotional videos below or visit their website.