This month we have launched our Christmas Appeal for money towards our Pathways 2 Play Project, raising funds to update our outdoor play area at the Tim Lamb Centre.

The Centre’s outdoor play area is a firm favourite with most of our member families.  The play area is a fully enclosed space featuring a range of play equipment including swings, climbing frames, sensory boards and musical instruments.  In the summer months we know many of our member children and young people, enjoy spending several hours playing outside.

Unfortunately our play area can be prone to flooding following heavy rainfall, leaving muddy puddles near the play equipment and making it near impossible for wheelchair access.  As a charity, we are very keen to rectify this matter at the earliest possible time and also add new equipment too.

Equipment for disabled children is very expensive so our Christmas Appeal aims to kick start our community fundraising drive, but we will need to continue our efforts into the new year and beyond.  We also hope to make some successful applications to grant providing charities to help us along the way.

If you would like to make a donation towards our Pathways 2 Play Appeal, you can do so via our Facebook Fundraising Appeal if you have a Facebook account.  Alternatively you can visit our Virgin Money Giving page and make your donation there.